Junior Options

May 29, 2020 by in Junior options
Supervised coaching

Supervised coaching, by Squash NZ junior coach of the year, and the junior coaching team. Junior social night is unsupervised, but with weekly themes. All parents welcome.

Close Alliance with Local Schools

Chelsea Primary, Beach Haven Primary and Birkenhead College have all recently run programmes at Shepherds Park Squash Club.

Free use of equipment

Free use of equipment is available for club activities.

Family Membership

Family membership is an option whereby juniors get FREE membership if their parents are both registered "Adult - Peak" members.

Term-time coaching


Per Week
Group coaching
Holiday programmes


Per Day (9-4pm)
Loads of activities
Junior Inter-club

$10 +

5 - 8 Weeks
Regular Games
Junior tournaments

$20 +

Most weeks
Fun Fun Fun

JUNIOR School holiday programme

Thursday 22nd & 28th April - 9.00am to 4.30pm

Cost $50 for a full day, if we have space. But be quick as half a dozen spots have already been taken. 

Call 027 437 9423 for further details.


A full year professional competition schedule for boys and girls from any club 1500 points and below.

Collect series points from tournaments towards your series total and become the series champion!

Call 027 437 9423 for further details.


Thursday 6-7pm: free weekly junior club night with Tarun (requires sign-ups)

Come along and join the fun.

Call 027 437 9423 for further details.


Junior Inter-club is only for Junior players with 0 to 1500 points, per NZ grading List.  Currently players from 21 clubs from across Auckland play in this competition.

This competition provides an opportunity for REGULAR Sunday morning inter-club matches for juniors at a variety of locations about Auckland.

Call 027 437 9423 to inquire about Junior Inter-Club



Monday block coaching 4.30 - 6pm: 
Our popular session swings back into action with a 15 min fitness session, 45 mins of training and then 30 mins game time. $100 for the 10 week term, free first week for the Chelsea influx.

Thursday block coaching 4.30-5.15pm and 5.15-6pm:
 A new session for Chelsea students offering an introduction to the game, rules and with the intention of achieving Junior skills awards. $90 for the 10 week term.

Monday 5.30-6.30pm:
additional time slot for those unable to make the regular slot.

Call 027 437 9423 to Sign-Up for Term-Time Coaching